April 1, 2022 199 - #ThankYouTaker Hall Of Fame Induction Tribute

As The Undertaker takes his rightful spot in the WWE Hall Of Fame, we turn this very special episode of Talking Taker over to his most loyal Creatures Of The Night! Join wrestling superfans Alex Doriot and Travis White as they take a backseat in their time-traveling hearse this week and present a collection of messages from listeners of the podcast paying tribute to The Phenom and saying #ThankYouTaker. You'll hear from some old friends we've had on the show in the past. You'll hear the voices behind some of our most frequent commenters for the first time. You'll hear from international listeners from around the globe. And through all these messages you'll hear truly heartfelt confessions of what The Dead Man has meant throughout so many wrestling fan's lives. This is an unforgettable episode unlike anything we've ever put out, and it makes the perfect companion piece to The Undertaker's Hall Of Fame induction this WrestleMania weekend. So sit back, reminisce with your fellow fans, and Taker Easy!

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