December 31, 2021 195 - The Lost Osaka Royal Rumble Watch-Along!

We've got a different kind of New Year's Countdown on this month's Talking Taker as we look at the Royal Rumble match you thought you'd never see! Join wrestling superfans Alex Doriot and Travis White on their encyclopedic exploration digging up The Dead Man as they unearth a lost Royal Rumble from Osaka, Japan that turns out to be the first Rumble ever won by The Undertaker! We're doing it watch-along style as we always do for Royal Rumbles, but this one isn't available on Peacock (see below or our social media channels for the link). In fact this match is so rare there's only footage available from a fan's home camera footage! And though it's an unofficial Royal Rumble and it only has 18 superstars in it, it's an important historical footnote in The Dead Man's career and we're excited to bring it to you. We'll discuss the odd timeline of this match as it occurs during Taker's supposed hibernation in the spring of 1994, Undertaker's squash of the future Hakushi earlier in the night, an impressive performance from Bob Backlund, the surprising effort these superstars put into a house show match, the rare interaction between Randy Savage and Taker, and so much more. Plus, we'll also discuss Undertaker's recent appearance on Kevin Hart's "Cold As Balls" YouTube show and share our hopes and dreams for The Phenom in 2022! Download, enjoy, and Taker Easy!
Watch the match along with us:
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