November 28, 2019 120 - No Mercy 2006

It's Mr. Kennedy vs. Mr. Dead Man on this week's Talking Taker! Join wrestling superfans Alex Doriot and Travis White on their journey through every Undertaker PPV match as they cover the first match in a trilogy between Taker and Kennedy at No Mercy 2006. Mr. Kennedy was a rising star at this time and seemed set up to be a future WWE Champion. So what the heck happened? Travis and Alex try to figure out where it all went wrong and just why this guy was so beloved back then. Before we get there though we also wrap up The Great Khali rivalry with a Last Man Standing Match that gets bumped off the SummerSlam card. We'll also discuss a couple of matches with King Booker, Big Vito's big mistake, William Regal horseplayin' backstage, exploding microphones, Kennedy's A.C. Slater impersonation, who can and can't say "Taker", and our Jurassic park movie rankings. 

Plus, we kick things off by giving our in-depth review and analysis of the recent "Broken Skull Sessions" special on the WWE Network with Stone Cold and The Undertaker! Download, enjoy, and Taker Easy!

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