April 18, 2019 088 - King Of The Ring 2002

It's a true game of thrones as The Prince Of Darkness fends off all sorts of challengers to his crown on the way to King Of the Ring 2002 on this week's Talking Taker! Join wrestling superfans Alex Doriot and Travis White on their journey through every Undertaker PPV match as they discuss the build-up to and the confrontation between Big Evil and the King Of Kings Triple H at the 2002 KOTR show. But The Game isn't the only contender the Red Devil has to deal with. Our fighting champion also faces threats from The Hardy Boyz, Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Tommy Dreamer, and more! We'll talk about all these men's run-ins with The Dead Man plus one of Hulk Hogan's biggest tall tales, a full cup of dip spit, an even fuller bucket of puke, the answer to who is Vince's Boy, Billy and Chuck jokes that don't age well, early shades of Evolution, Lance Storm's big push, Stone Cold's walkout, The Rock's return to the company, Paul Heyman's return to commentary, another Punk Card pulling and so much more.

PLUS - Stay tuned to the very end of the show as Alex gives Travis a very special audio Birthday present featuring a guest appearance from a WWE HALL OF FAMER! Seriously - you don't want to miss maybe the coolest moment in the history of this podcast. Download, enjoy, and Taker Easy! 

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